Mid-Century Living by Carolyn Allen

Hi everyone, this is my latest living room set I completed. Actually, it’s the chairs and end tables. This was a commissioned project. I used  olive green suede and the pillows are tweed on one side and grn suede on the other. I hated to see them go to a new home. I really love the danish chairs and how the curved back contours the dolls posture  makes it all look so comfy. I used Mahogany veneer for the arms and the same veneer for the end tables.  Notice how the front legs of the chairs have a upside down cone shape and then it tapers outward then back near the base.  This was difficult because all 4 front legs were hand carved and had to be exact or as close as possible. I think the end results turned out pretty good. I made everything in the photos except the telephone, radio and drinks. The finished product on the end tables do have gold trim around the legs.  The new owner previously purchased a different sofa (it’s fabric matches the tweed in the chairs) and my Mad Ken credenza. I’m looking forward to seeing his diorama. I will post photo’s of them. I did make two more end tables like these, but they have a burly walnut veneer finish. I will post photo’s of them. Have a good day all.


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