George Nelson in play scale 1:6

Hi, I thought I lost this post, but it was saved in another category. Perhaps it should have stayed there.  Anyways, here it is.

I’ve been working on this piece off and on for too long. My mother was an artist and very good actually. She painted mostly in oils and watercolors and favored portraits and landscapes. She really had a thing for painting landscapes with water. People sitting on the beach, Abstract boats etc..  I favored the watercolors because it seemed more detailed. I remember her saying  painting with watercolors was more difficult because it dried faster. My reasons for mentioning her is because she only painted when inspired. I guess this is something I’ve inherited. I find it difficult to work when not in the mood.  God bless you mom, I think about you everyday. Seriously, everyday.

Hence sold to my dear friend Wisit.

Anyway, back to the topic in the title. I’m very fond of George Nelson’s furniture and clocks. Midway through this project I came to a stand still trying to manipulate in my mind how I was going to configure the wiring. eg. what size bulb. What about led’s? Was the battery going to be inclusive or on a cord to be tucked away. I thought about it and decided I wanted it all to be inclusive. Once I made that decision and choosing my material that would work best for housing the wiring. I was ready to finish it. Listening to some lounge music on SOMA FM internet radio helps too. I hope you all enjoy this unit as much as me. It’s my new favorite piece. All handles are hand carved form redwood. I used teak veneer finished in teak to bring out the design in the wood. All drawers open. The acrylic doors open to house your favorite piece of artwork or mini sculptor. The lights are housed in a plastic chrome-like sconce. Then legs even had chrome casters.


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