Renzo Ritulli Credenza 1/6 scale

March 18, 2014
The finish is smooth as glass.

The finish is smooth as glass.


George Nelson wall unit in playscale

March 26, 2012

George Nelson wall unit in playscale

Mid-Century living in 1/6th (Barbie) scale

August 16, 2011

Danish chairs

Good Night Everyone by Carolyn Allen

September 12, 2010

Today I decided to go through my display room (my smallest bedroom) and re-acquaint myself with the first diorama I made. I made the “Frasier” room about 4 years ago. After watching many reruns of the show and  a little research.  I found out that the “Frasier” set was one of the top 5 most liked television sets. I really love how the contemporary arched fireplace stands out.  So, I simply had to create a 1:6th scale version of it for my little divas and divos.

Frasier diorama

I initially constructed the whole layout. I did the platform/ balcony with the glass doors, the small bookcase with the column on top next to the steps, the built-in buffet in front of a painted black “gloria” grand piano. It was a rather large diorama in two sections. The fireplace unit and the platform/balcony unit.  I had to decide what was the focal point and did away with the latter. I reused the floor and glass for other projects. I just wish I had taken pictures before deconstruction.  I intend on finishing this project. I have the fireplace logs and light ready to install.  Hopefully, I’ll have it completed this week. (*note to self- finish Frasier).